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How our probate process works:
Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Do I need to probate?
    -  Probate is necessary to settle the debts of the estate and distribute the remaining assets.  Additionally, some property may be exempt from the
    creditors through the probate process.  The probate process will also notify unknown creditors and set a time limit for their claim.  If there are children
    then the trusts, trustees and guardians will be set up.  Probate might not be necessary if there are no assets, debts, or minor children.

2.  Is there a time limit on probating the Will?
    -  Texas requires the Will be probated within 4 years of the death of the decedent.  After 4 years, the Will can only be used to transfer title of real estate.

3.  The Will I have was written out-of-state.  Can I still probate this in Texas?
    -  Texas allows probate of the Will as long as it meets the requirements for a Texas Will, or the requirements of the state where it was written.
    -  Typically, we find some minor deviations in the out-of-state Wills which require additional work during probate.

4.  What is the general process for probating a Will?
Generally (for a valid Will probated within 4 years of death):
a.  Locate the original Will (although we can probate a copy of the Will, but much more difficult)
b.  File the Application for Probate and the original Will with the court  
c.  Prepare the Proof of Death and Other Facts, Oath of Executor
d.  Attend the court hearing to provide testimony regarding the death and other facts including take the oath to execute the Will as the executor
e.  Receive Letters Testamentary which it the court order giving the executor the power to act for the estate
f.   Notify creditors and publish a notice to creditors in a local publication
g.   Notify beneficiaries that the Will is being probated
h.  Prepare and file the inventory
i.  Collect the assets and list of debts
j.   Pay the debts in priority according Texas rules
k.   Distribute the remaining assets to the beneficiaries

5.  How long does the probate process take?
-  It usually takes about 4 weeks to file the paperwork, attend the hearing and receive authorization to act as the executor.


After reviewing the documents, I find them to be complete and 100% satisfactory.  Free consultation with Ricky was also very satisfactory. Why pay more when you can get
the best for less. Ricky knows his business! Carrollton, TX

I would like to thank Mr Villarreal for the outstanding and complete service he performed in finalizing all my requirements for my new will and other needed documents. He
professionalism was gratifying and his immediate response was greatly appreciated. Michael Bradburn ,Conroe, TX

Mr. Villarreal, thank you so much for your quick response to my questions about our previous will. We feel more secure now that we have the Power of Attorney and
Medical Directives in place. We have already sent your web site to several family members and friends, and have recommended your services. Charlotte

I would like to thank you for taking care of my request for a will, I am grateful and amazed at how fast you took care of this, I would recommend you and this process to
anyone looking to have this done. Vicky Campos

Ahhh. Thanks. I will highly recommend your service to anyone that I run into needing this. You have been great. Jeff

Mr. Villarreal, We found your website by accident when looking for a national competitor. We completed their questionnaire and had a question concerning doing a
husband and wife will. Our email answer basically said to finish the transaction (pay) before getting an answer to our question. We clicked on your website and everything
was very clear and concise and the desired will was prepared promptly, and at a lower cost than the national competitor. Thank you for providing this service. David &
Deborah Williams , San Antonio, Texas

Thank you so much for getting these documents returned to me so quickly. I have used othe services in the past, and I found your form easy and quick to use. Your
website and forms have been the best by far. My only question was regarding financial institutions, 401K, and answered my questions before I even asked
them! I plan to tell everyone about your website! Thanks, Janice Schroeder

That was the easiest process I have ever experienced to obtain a legal document. Thank you for providing this service!! Carolyn Whitson

Rick: Everything looks fine. your quick response to my questions and request for changes was great. Thanks for a great job. norman kirsch, el paso tx

Thank you so much for the prompt preparation of our wills. You said they would be done in 12 hours, and they were - even on a Saturday! We will recommend your
services to our friends and family. Larr Phipps

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your assertive explanation of all legal documents that we discussed and to tailor those legal documents for our necessary needs.
Your service was impeccable in time and professionalism. I have already referred your name to a friend that was present during our calls and will pass your name along to
all of my family members. Thank you so much is such a very critical time in our lives. Billy and LaDonna, Wills Point

I thank you for the time you spent on the phone clarifying some of the questions I had concerning will and testament matters. You took the time on a Saturday afternoon to
clearly explain my options and I thank you so much for that. Not only did you take the time on your weekend but you sent the paperwork within hours of my payment which
created a great sense of trust in you which will encourage me to do further business with you as needs may arise. I would tell any of my friends, family or neighbors to
definitely give you a call when they have legal matters such as this. Your prices were very fair and your service impeccable. Thanks again so much! Cindy Brennan

I am very impressed with your services. In less than 24 hours, I had my Wills in my hand ready for execution. Thank you so much for making this such a non-stress
experience. Sincerely, Joyce Mulford

The service was fast and easy and we were able to have our documents witnessed and notarized at our local AAA office. Thanks, Debbie Knam

I want to thank you for going out of your way to prepare our will so quickly. We were able to take it to our local bank branch, where they provided employees as witnesses
and notarized the will. We are already done! We also wanted you to know that this was a "stop gap" measure; we actually need to prepare something slightly more detailed,
and to prepare one for me as well. Because of your wonderful service, we will be coming to you for those documents (and recommending you to anyone who asks). We
may need a little more help with that one. Thanks for getting us past this hurdle.

Really enjoyed working with you; I was very impressed that you phoned me regarding a specific question. I told my daughter that it would be hard to find any attorney who
would spend as much time as you did for the small amount of money that you charge. You specifically lined out all the details and I certainly appreciate it – I would
recommend your services to anyone. Thank you so much. Pat, Terrell, Texas

I have never used an on-line legal document so this was a first. My 90 ½ year old mother needed a will. This is a simple to use format and Mr. Villarreal delivered my will
within a matter of hours after I filled out the information. I would use them again if the need ever arises!” Shirley

I am completely satisfied with the Will and was surprised by the quick response. I would use your service again and recommend it to friends. Joan

Wow! I am so impressed. Your testimonials about your service and the high rating from the Better Business Bureau really helped me to make this decision to use your
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Wow, in this day and time, I expected someone who "worked for you to call me"....and I was pleasantly surprised to hear your voice on the other end of the phone. After
discussing many other items that needed to be considered, you made sure that you had all the information you needed to file the wills and do them right. The price for the
package of all 4 documents was so reasonable, that a person cannot go wrong in doing their legal documents with you. Thank you for making this such an affordable
experience for such an important step in all of our lives. I would recommend anyone use your service and I will be telling everyone I know about it. I now have my important
documents signed, sealed and delivered and ready for my loved ones to read when I pass into the next stage of life. It was a pleasure meeting you (on the phone), I could
tell that you cared and have integrity. Staci Clemmer , Plano,Texas

My wife and I want to thank you for your very fast response to our request for a will for our family and a living will for us individually. I will recommend your services to any
that I hear that needs to have this done for their family. We have it signed, witnessed and notarized which gives us a feeling of freedom knowing this matter has been
attended to in a very professional manner.Thanks again for your efforts in our behalf'Irv Willman, Pharr, Texas

I want to thank Mr. Villarreal for providing a great Will service over the Internet. We did not have to leave our home to receive the documents. He called me in a few minutes
after I submitted my information with some much needed advice. I am very pleased with this service. I will tell others of my pleasant experience. Thank you very much,
Malcolm V. Toran

Thank you for the quick and efficient service you provided. Drawing up these documents seemed like a daunting task, but, your firm made it SO easy. We appreciate your
expedited response! Regards, Christina

Thank you so much for the prompt preparation of my will and power of attorney. Everything was perfect and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Getting this done
online made the process so convenient and I had the assurance of having these important documents prepared by an attorney.

I was very happy with the courteous and professional service that you provided. The will that you made was delivered within 12 hours and accurately reflected my wishes. I
particularly appreciated your personal comments and the step-by-step directions for signing the will. For the price and quality of your service, my will was a tremendous
bargain! Regards, David

Thank you so much! Below is our quote you can use and we don’t mind if you use our full name. We give you a five star rating, an exceptionally professional job done with
lightning speed. We will certainly use your services in the future and refer our friends to you as well. Lawrence and Sherry

Thanks so much for such a great service that is easy to use and very personalized. I really appreciated your working with us to make sure our last wishes were clearly
communicated. I certainly will use this service in the future when we need to update our Will. I strongly recommend this service to anyone…Mr. Villarreal makes this process
effortless and does so in an very expeditious manner! Diana, Frisco, TX

Very nice service; complete with thorough instructions for each document. Best value for on line ordering.

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Cordially, Francisco

Mr. Villarreal, my husband and I would like to thankyou for your efficient manner in sending the documents requested. The forms appear to be consise, and we certainly
appreciate the instructions for completion as well. John and Jean , McKinney, Texas

I do appreciate your very fast phone call to make sure everything was understandable and ready to finalize. You are an attorney who cares about his clients, Doug

Thank you for your email and the clarification. We do appreciate your time and help in this matter. Here is our testimonial for your website. Please feel free to use it in toto
or excerpts from it: Completing our will and other legal documents online through Mr. Villarreal's website was quick and easy. We received our documents via email within
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all, a great way to take care of an important life task. Thank you, Mr. Villarreal! Sincerely, Belinda Scholl & Teddy Ashcraft

Thank you very much for the revised wills. We executed the complete package today -- within a week of when we first contacted you via the web site. We
couldn't be happier with your service and the legal documents. We've previously done these documents in Colorado and Kansas via direct participation with an attorney;
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Ricky, your diligence and patience with me are more than appreciated. I am amazed at how fast you were able to accomplish these 4 documents. I haven't really read the
will yet but I will. Again, my deepest thanks, Karen Killion

Thank you sir! You and your service are awesome. Randy

Thank you for your quick turnaround time—it was perfect for changing my Aunt’s will before she had surgery and needed a quick update at half the cost of a consultation—
wonderful. It was precise and simple. No stress or having to leave the house except to have it notarized. Easy instructions to follow . Thank you Mitzi Cash

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was fast and we are very pleased. THANKS AGAIN! Janet and Gary

Ricky Villarreal does his work quickly, accurately, and, if the need arises, consults with you about your plans. He's an excellent choice.

I was very pleased with the prompt service. I put in my order one evening and it was waiting on me by the next morning! Tiffany, Greenville

I googled "online wills" one evening and found Mr. Villarreal's website. It took about 5 minutes to enter all the required information online. The next morning, our wills were e-
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and Mr. Villarreal's website made the process quick and easy plus his service was cost effective. I am highly impressed and will recommend him to my friends and
colleagues. Dorothy K. , La Grange, Texas

After years of researching probate laws and talking to attorneys, I was fortunate enough to run across Mr. Villarreal’s website. He answered my questions honestly,
explained my options, and didn’t try to talk me into something I didn’t want or need. I was given the power of choice. There was no judgment or ulterior motive. This was the
first time an attorney didn’t try to tell me what I wanted. I emailed Mr. Villarreal several times and he invariably called within a few hours with an explanation. The turnaround
time from filling out the form online and an explanatory phonecall was less than 24 hours. I have already recommended Mr. Villarreal to a few of my husband’s coworkers.
We will be using Mr. Villarreal for other related documents. Thanks so much. Very nicely done. Annette, Wylie, Texas

We researched many online options for creating our will but decided we were uncomfortable with an out-of-state law firm. We wanted someone based in Texas that was
familiar with Texas laws. We also really appreciated your willingness to speak to us by phone about the specifics of our family situation and our wishes regarding our estate.
We had been putting this off, but the whole process was actually much easier than we expected. Thank you so much for helping us, Les and Debra

We've been very pleased with everything so far. In particular, the "Learning Center" on your website was extremely helpful. It explains what all of the documents are and
why they're necessary. We were looking for quality documents without the high attorney fees charged during office visits, and it looks like Ricky provides exactly the service
we wanted! Seth

Thank you for such a quick response. I was pleasantly surprised by your phone call the very same evening I purchased your services. I want to thank you for the time and
patience you had for my questions. Since I have never been through anything like this before, I appreciated your valuable advice that went beyond the preparation of the
will, which arrived within 24 hours. The price for your services was highly appreciated because they were so reasonable. Thank you. Tammy Noecker,San Antonio, TX

Thank you for your accurate and prompt service. I went to the cardiologist yesterday and have surgery Monday. Ted Tragus
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